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2015-2018 National Objectives

National Objectives 2015 - 2018


We, the members of Sigma Alpha Iota, will:


1)  Renew our commitment to the Purpose of SAI, striving for perfection. 


2)  Honor and respect the traditions of the SAI ritual.


3)  Work in our chapters and communities to raise the standards of music in all its diverse expressions. 


4)  Advocate for music education, stressing its importance in our world. 


5)  Strengthen and nurture our lifelong connection to SAI members, inspiring each other through loving sisterhood and effective communication. 


6)  Speak enthusiastically about the many projects of our charitable arm, SAI Philanthropies, Inc., and support those projects with our donations. 


7)  Be a catalyst for the creation and performance of American music.
Last Updated: 10/13/2015